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Solving Word Problems in Physics is an essential skill to pass any physics course. In this class we focus on developing those skills. There are strategies for that. It is not a random approach. You can learn it. You will be taught how to translate a bulk of text into meaningful diagrams and variables that can be used to obtain and calculate a physical quantity. You will learn how to use which equation and where. The gap in your mathematical knowledge will be filled to tackle any physics problem.
A physics class with emphasis on logical reasoning and concepts with less stress on mathematical forms. It gives you access to physical principles through engaging you with analogies, interactive simulations, and imagery of real world situations. What do physics concepts look like without those lengthy exhausting calculations? You'll find out in this class.
Join this class to learn physics interactively with lots of inquiry, hands on experience, daily life applications and problems solving. You will learn the WHYs and HOWs with educational strategies supported by Science Education research. Methods and Techniques aren't randomly chosen, they're customised to meet the needs and educational background of the student.
Physics is too hard! Physics is boring! Do you want help in your Physics Lessons? Do you want interactive real-life application or physics concepts? Do you want help with those long ugly equations that make no sense? I specialize in teaching physics having received the qualifications to be an IB DP Physics teacher. I have a Masters degree with 7 years of experience in teaching conceptual physics and physics for AP and the International Baccalaureate.

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Bailed on me after making a commitment. Otherwise good teacher.
Very good at explaining the material. Broke down the basic facts about physics, so my daughter could understand. We will continue the tutoring session.

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