Stories are as old as we are, but if you want to put a story on paper or portray a story, it turns out to be more difficult than talking to your friends. How about now? Not what you tell, but HOW you tell it is the most important. The basics and how to use psychology to write a story, this is what you will learn anyway. Those who want to continue afterwards will learn how to write a script. Fiction or facts, you decide what you want to learn.
We go through the workings of the attention mechanism, a neurological process explained in an easy way. Afterwards we look at Creativity itself and how those processes of "attention" or "focus" contribute to creativity. We look at the problems as well as solutions. Exercises and Homework are an option. The course can be extended into Visual literacy, Storytelling and philosophy of the Image.

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5 star rating, unbelievable and very professional with the information content
Maksims is a great teacher and coach. He adapts it to your needs. He is flexible in process and makes sure that you understand it. He is also a nice person.

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