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    Trusted teacher
    I have been practicing English at school and at university for over 10 years. I have a good level of comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and speaking. I can therefore help with all types of exercises: grammar and vocabulary exercises, preparation for an exam, an oral ... When I was in Literary Preparation, I had several written exams including 3 of 6 hours which focused on understanding an extract from a novel and I also had 3 oral exams of 20 minutes where I had to analyze a text.
    Being in the second year of a History License, I can tackle all periods: Prehistory, Antiquity, the Middle Ages, Modern and Contemporary History. But I have a preference for the Middle Ages, Modern History and Contemporary History. I can help to make methodological sheets, to better memorize the course, to do all types of exercises, to do an essay and a text commentary. I can also help with Primary level courses.
    I have been in Spain for 10 years and have a good level, both oral and written. I had 18 in my Spanish test for the Bac and I continued to learn this language in Literary Preparation where I had oral 20 min on a text to analyze only 20 min before the start of the oral . I also had 6h writings where I had to analyze texts from a book or a newspaper ... I am going to study for 1 year in Spain this year to improve my level and hope to come back by being bilingual. I can help with all types of exercises: oral / written comprehension, text commentary, essay, preparation for an oral, the basics ...
    When I was in high school, I did a Literary Baccalaureate so I had nine hours of Philosophy lessons per week. I love this subject and so I continued to study it during my year of Literary Preparation by doing 20min oral on a specific theme and 6h writings, text commentary or philosophical dissertation. I can therefore prepare for an oral, an exam, help with exercises, to understand the course ...
    High school level literature course. I had a BAC L mention Bien with a mark of 15 for the Baccalaureate in Literature and I continued my studies in Literary Preparation. I can help analyze a text, do a dissertation, deepen skills ...

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