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    Programming the 8051 Microcontroller. In this course you can be able understand the history and how a microcontroller is organized inside the internal structurer. The principle in the digital computing and the way of stored programmed concept. We will spend few hours on the basics of digital computing and will understand the hardware architecture of microcontroller 8051. The assembly language programming of 8051. The Programming on the 8051 resources along with the complier activity. We will learn to use the keil compilers and do the software simulation both in assembly and C. We will understand how to dump the hex file to the microcontroller. The detailed way of organizing and designing the memory map for 8051 will be studied with address map calculation. will design sample boards. Finally will design the 8051 based boards of Analog signal acquisition to microcontroller 8051 and delivering to a Digital to analog converter for Realtime signal functionality.
    Many of the Micro-controller and Microprocessor teachers teaches the course more on the theory and book contents. The deviation in this learning part is the students are not knowing the internal bit level functioning inside the CPU and the tricks in the assembly level programming. In this place where I can able to clarify more to the students on the bit level function of different levels of processor domain classes. Interfacing sensor and actuators with controllers and memory interface area are the strong area of my teaching in which students can definitely understand and able to design any type of processor system. Memory mapping is an another area where distinct design making with more number of device will be demonstrated and make the students to practice with good design. I can help learners in practicing the microprocessor assignments and tutorial solving. ARM processor theory can be introduced to students and simple program execution can be demonstrated. The theoretical knowledge of RTOS will be demonstrated in a more understandable way to the students. Generally I teach the subjects. I can't write exams for the students. Arduino is an another easier hardware in which we can interface many sensors and take the analog signals and do some processing and send the processed signal to the input of a actuator. Practically different sensors I have interfaced to Arduino and triggered many actuator. I can help students in making projects based on Arduino boards.

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