Studies have shown that listening to music makes an individual feel happy, helps him regulate his emotions, and helps him relax, and studies have indicated that listening to music he likes or likes causes the brain to release a chemical called dopamine, which has positive effects on mood, and music helps to feel emotions. Strong, such as sadness, fear, and joy, music has the ability to improve mood and human health.[1] Improve verbal and visual skills Several studies have indicated that teaching music at an early age stimulates a child’s brain in several ways that help him improve communication skills, visual skills, and verbal skills. ; One study looked at children aged four to six years who were given musical training in rhythm, voice, and melody.

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الاستاذه lilane من الاساتذه النادر وجودهم في هذا الوقت جمعت حب التعليم والتمكن في تعليمها للطالب وتوصيل الفكره على اكمل وجه وايضا شغفها بالموسيقى وان طلابها يكونو متمكنين شكرا استاذتي على حرصك

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