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    Effective speaking with an audience should not rely on boring PowerPoint slides. The ability to give a presentation is a much misused skill. Presenters regularly provide what interests themselves rather than their audience and couple this with the popular beliefe that we remember what we see in writing. A fact that is totally untrue. Through dynamic, thought-provoking and self-challenging courses, couples with extensive practice, I will teach you the golden rules needed to organise your presentations, identify, engage with your audience and importantly adapt to your audience. All speaking is a form of selling, whether it is a product, an idea, a project or even yourself to a company. Most people face nervousness and shyness when it comes to speaking in public. Although it could be learned by practice, it is a bad teacher unless it is not coupled with effective feedback. Ask yourself, what do I want my audience to take from my presentation, what should they do with this information? If your audience does not take anything away or cannot do anything with this information, then you might just as well have been storytelling, perhaps well, but you have not given a good presentation. This class is for academics, managers, business people and those interested in improving their presentation skills, body language, and structure of their talk in a simple and effective manner that everyone can remember. My course is also intended for those seeking to improve their spoken language skills in Spanish and English. I am native in Spanish and fluent in English having recently finished my PhD in Humanitarian studies from the University of Manchester, UK. I am a passionate coach with a strong academic background. I discovered my passion for teaching and mentoring others while travelling and working around the world with different NGOs and enterprises. I use an innovative methodology that put the students' strengths at the foreground to overcome shyness and fear when it comes to speaking in public. I welcome people from all genders and ages interested in providing professional and effective presentations either in English and \ or Spanish.

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