This holiday Season, give the gift of a life-changing experience!
In my course I offer you learning coaching and training in learning and improving German language skills. The course is intended for beginners as well as for experts who want to improve their creative writing. In addition, my specialty areas are philosophy and literary studies, together we will read stimulating literature and hold a philosophical discourse about it in our course. This not only broadens the horizon, but also trains and improves argumentative and rhetorical skills. Do you want to improve your language skills? Do you want to be able to have a stimulating conversation and convince with your rhetorical skills at school or at work? Then you are right with me! I look forward to training together!
Dear customer, My name is Annika and I would like to get to know you! You meet some people and immediately feel that they can see inside you. I'm one of those people who doesn't scratch the surface because I always go deep. It is in my nature to recognize the whole thing with all its inconsistencies and facets. I see the beauty in the imperfection and would like to show people their true selves based on my special perception What makes me different from others? I am not just your mental coach, I am your trusted philosopher and ethicist. Others have therapists and fitness trainers - you have your personal philosopher on board. What to bring with you ... I expect my customers to be willing to change and have confidence in myself. I promise you that I will give you support and stability based on my pedagogical skills and my leadership personality. You will learn to trust yourself and to stand up for yourself and your life. I want you to recognize how unique you are. Let me accompany you a little to show you what your tasks are in this world.

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Interesting topics for discussion, quiet and gratifying ambiance, most certainly expedient learning experience.

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