As many musical instruments, piano tells a story, expresses emotional experiences, communicates desires and wishes. This class is for people (teenagers, young adults, or adults) who have always had the passion for piano but never had the opportunity to learn how to play. This class is also for those who simply want to improve their piano skills, going from a beginner to intermediate level. This class has two major focuses: 1. For beginners: main focus on on piano practice, learning new songs with incremental difficulty, and understanding of the music sheet. 2. For intermediates: main focus on intermediate/advanced songs with in depth comprehension of the music sheet. Skills you will acquire: 1. Beginners: you will learn how to play basic piano songs and obtain a basic knowledge of the music sheet. 2. Intermediates: you will learn how to play more complex songs and obtain a more advanced comprehension of the music sheet. Furthermore, you will learn the basis for piano music composition. I want this class to keep students challenged, but absolutely not overwhelmed. So, I will evaluate the few homeworks that I assign after every session and provide constructive feedbacks, in order for you to better learn.
The Italian language is complex but interesting to learn. So is Portuguese (Brazilian and European). I am available for teaching to any prospective student, at any level, considering I am a native speaker of both idioms, as well as of the English language. My classes are offered in English and I have quite a flexible schedule. If you are interested to learn new, Latin-derived languages, feel free to contact me! Due to the Covid-19 pandemics, I will primarily deliver lessons online. However, if you have a preference for physical contact, then we can find a compromise (with no variation on the lesson cost shown below). In the first lesson, you can evaluate whether the classes are for you or not. I am quite flexible in terms of time/cost!

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