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    Learn how to be practical, efficient, and sustainable. Learn what are the 21st centuries global phenomenons that need to be addressed by every individual on a daily bases. Learn what does that have to do with being a true activist and living sustainably. I can give you an insight on how to live economically and how to respect the 3R tule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Let's put a stop to selfish consumer society choices and turn to the bigger picture, so we can make this planet better for future generations! I am Tamara, and I've been living economically and sustainably since I can remember! My expertise is in Environmental law, and I've been an activist for peace, equality and nature conservation. I can help you broaden your knowledge in this area and empower you to share it with others. I offer this course in English, so If your English isn't so good, don-t worry because I'm also an experienced English language tutor and teacher! By choosing me you get 2 in 1: an English course, through the ongoing important issues in the 21st century! Don't hesitate to make a difference, a change can be one click away! I hope you'll make the right choice and join me in the community of change-makers! SEE YOU SOON!
    In today's' society, all the buzz is moving online, and freelancing and online presence means that you have to have an advanced English level so that you can run your small business, start-up, blog or website in general, all by yourself! Since I have an LLM degree in Law, and I've been doing some freelance English tutoring over the years, I can help you kick-start your online business by giving you the necessary data and info! After my class, you'll be able to build stronger connections, build a wider network, promote your website and earn money much easier. This way, you'll be able to travel anywhere and bring your business skills and discourse everywhere you go! Having a similar background, allows me to have just the right amount of experience to help you build your online image or just to finally be able to stop with the boring all day long terminology research or paying translators all the time just for a simple report! If you're tired of skipping conferences, meetings and seminars just because you're not sure in your vocabulary range, click here and stop worrying about it today! I can say for sure that I can't wait to meet prospective, ambitious and hard-working people like you! My teaching method is very easy-going, relaxed and always adapted to my clients' specific needs. I'm efficient, result-driven and success-oriented, and by the end of the class, I'll inspire you to be that way too! But, the fact that you are reading this, means that we already swim in the same waters... SO, see you soon my future colleague :)
    Are you tired of learning unnecessary outdated topics? Did you have enough of strict curriculums and schedules in your formal education institutions? Welcome to the Space Age! If you're eager to learn something futuristic and popular, that recently became the sector of tomorrow, and be among the first people to engage in this newly developed area that emerged in the '60ies, if you want to participate in building a better world by activism and through sharing knowledge, then this is the course for you. My name is Tamara, I'm an experienced freelance tutor with an LL.M in International Humanitarian Law, with a Master Thesis, blogs and book on Space Law, Environmental Law and sustainable uses of Outer Space, My teaching method is very easy going, flexible and adaptable to students' preferences. So, I promise you, you'll start enjoying learning with me, and you won't see it as an obligation or just something to check off your list! By the end of this course you will have a holistic view of Space Law, and understanding of basic concepts and phenomena - with a bonus of understanding how to interpret law by comparing with related areas of Law - International Law, International Humanitarian Law, Maritime Law and Environmental Law. I won't let you go unsatisfied. I promise.
    Hello there, my friend from the future! :) My name is Tamara, and I specialize in both tutoring beginners and advanced students, both general and basic, as also academic, legal and business English. Since I have an LLM in International law, and my expertise is in Environmental Law, Human Rights, International Criminal, and Humanitarian Law and even Space law, I tend to tackle them with a much wider, multidisciplinary approach, so my students can gain a broader perspective on the crucial issues of today's society. Similarly to that, regarding general English, I intend to go through it through 21st-century "know-hows" and "must-knows", related to the crucial issues of today's society e.g. Environmental protection and conservation, climate change, global warming, healthy nutrition, consumerism, corruption, Human Rights, spiritualism, self-improvement, self-awareness, self-empowerment, and other similar important topics. As you can see, all of these topics can be taught from the aspect of social sciences and humanities, which is what I do best! My main method is oral communication, Q&A, brain games, role-play, providing reading material, using a multimedia approach and engaging students with various different teaching tools. With younger or beginner students, I usually also use flashcards, TPR (Gestures and body language), and even teaching toys and props. But, although I am very thorough, my teaching style is also very flexible in terms of adaptability to the students' needs and preferences - which means that you can count on a relaxed, natural and friendly environment with me! :) And, don't worry! I'm a Law graduate, so I'm always objective when it comes to teaching! And, since I'm of the opinion that a teacher must be, above all, an activist, and a humanitarian, a giver and a helper, an adviser and, of course, a friend... I must honestly say that, If you like what you just read, I can't wait to meet you and help you start creating a small change in building a better society for future generations, by improving yourself and sharing your knowledge with others!

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