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I teach you to read the scores with your voice. We are going to learn to sing scales, arpeggios and intervals, and to identify them on the staff to read them. We will also see what is the key signature, the tones and the modes. As everything is sung, we will detach the two mechanisms: the chest voice and the head voice, and we will tune the ear.
This course is aimed at children who want to start in the world of music. We will learn basic notions of reading the staff and develop the ear, while we get to know the piano, and we explore the possibilities of our own voice. In this course we will also have music appreciation sessions of different genres and rhythms.
In this course I teach you to become familiar with the scores of the Gregorian Chant and its Vatican notation, which works in tetragram instead of staff, and does not have the conventional rhythmic figures. We will learn the Gregorian symbols and ways, while also awakening the voice and gaining notions of Latin, history and liturgy.

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