As a student of economics and management, I regularly have to deal with mathematics and English. It is clearly evident that these two subjects surround us constantly. City buildings that are nothing more than applied geometry, obviously going through all the English words you know without even knowing it (like BURGER KING, QUICK or even SANDWICH!), English and Mathematics are part of our daily. The interest is therefore to realize their usefulness as soon as possible. You will see, it will open your eyes and it will be absolutely PAS-SION-NANT! That's why I reserve my lessons for elementary and college students. My main vocation is to reinforce the concepts seen in class and especially to consolidate your knowledge. For those who are interested, I suggest you do math ... in English! Note that this is optional, nor do I want to complicate concepts with which students already have enough difficulty; but for the more determined (and reckless) it is possible to kill two birds with one stone. Don't worry, we'll take it step by step, at your pace so you don't get discouraged. Are you ready to follow me? LET'S GO!

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