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CELTA qualified English as a foreign language teacher and native speaker in english. Having learned from the age of nine I can teach with insight and understanding of how difficult it is to learn as well as how rewarding it is to improve. Being very enthusiastic, engaged and invested in all students I teach I have been able to guide students to clear progress with every lesson. I have acquired vast amounts of experience teaching from early years to professional adults of all levels, currently teaching students from primary levels to professionals with clear improvement objectives to marketing and communications classes in english.
Improving English language skills at any level. Competing with English Speakers for Projects; Writing Emails; Phone calls; Improving results; Giving presentations; Negotiating in English; interview preparation; improving written skills; Harnessing spoken skills with colleagues and clients; Communicating in Meetings; These online lessons will be prepared and adapted to your specific needs and objectives. You can tell me what you want to work on, prepare for and perfect; I will adapt a course plan to your requests and we will work together towards your goals.
English lessons for all children at primary school level. Enhancing skills, exam preparation and perfecting writing, reading, comprehension, vocabulary and grammar skills. Encouraging children at primary school to love reading and expressing themselves in writing and vocally through building their confidence and igniting their interest.
Prepare for your TOEFL test with a structured course specified to your needs with a native English speaking CELTA qualified teacher. We will use sample questions, practice tests, interactive skill-building programs, and detailed tips and information to understand how the test works and build your English skills to the necessary level. I shall provide you with all necessary resources and tips on how to pass the test. You will not be asked to purchase or obtain any resources and practice material yourself, all this will be supplied for you during the course.
Cours particuliers d'anglais pour niveau scolaire de secondaire. Langue maternelle anglaise avec un accent britannique neutre. J'ai parlé anglais toute ma vie scolaire et ma carrière. Professeur d'anglais certifié au UK - CELTA - avec plus de 5 ans d'expérience. J’aide les élèves en difficulté scolaire à améliorer leur capacité d’apprentissage et de compréhension. Pour que l'élève développe un certain intérêt pour la matière, en comprenant la matière de manière approfondie, j'utilise une méthologie qui l'aide a s’épanouisse dans l’apprentissage.

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Really nice an helpful teacher
Leria is patient, helpful and kind. She helps me speak better English. I would definitely recommend lessons with Leria if you want to improve your language skills. Thank you!
Very good teacher, I strongly recommend
Leria is a friendly and responsible teacher.

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