CORONA DISCLAIMER: Classes may also be done ONLINE or SOCIALLY-DISTANCED. If you are serious about learning, then this is the class for you! They say money makes the world go round. Learn how in my course on micro and macroeconomics. We will study how small, medium, and large firms are able to survive in competitive markets. We will also study different market dynamics and global markets; how do different economies and markets interact? Whether you wants that perfect grade, you are new to this subject, or you are simply interested and want something *extra*, I am here to help you on your journey. This will be challenging, and it will take time, but I promise you, that together you will be 10 steps ahead of what you think you can achieve. Progress is progress. Winning is winning. Let's win together. Reference provided at request.
CORONA DISCLAIMER: Classes may also be done ONLINE or SOCIALLY-DISTANCED. What is politics? When do we know if something can be called political? Where do we draw the line between private and political? How do we make the world a better place? How do we know what decision to make? How do we solve the problems that face us? Whether you like it or not, politics is involved in you, even if you aren't involved in politics. Want to know how to master it, and benefit as much as you can in the age of information? Take my master class on Political Science, and bring out your inner Machiavelli. We will cover subjects such as: Basic International Relations Theories International Organizations; Histories and Structures Actors in World Politics International and Domestic Economics Security and Safety in International Relations International Development ... & Much, much more! This course will be fun, but it won't be a walk in the park. You have to be prepared and take it seriously as well. I will assign essays in order to improve your general English language level, and your confidence in writing academic pieces. If you take my course for at least 2 months, I can guarantee that you will be able to publish your work! Reference provided at request.
CORONA DISCLAIMER: Classes may also be done ONLINE or SOCIALLY-DISTANCED. English language training for all levels; beginner, normal, and expert. We will cover conversational English for normal day-to-day needs. This will include speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary. We will also cover more advanced English at an academic-level. This will include spelling, grammar, dictation, vocabulary. Advanced English lessons will also include sessions for academic writing and reading. This is especially useful for students in high school, college and university who are required to write academic articles, reports, journals, and essays. Reference provided at request.

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