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My name is Kika, I'm 22 years old, and my passion is music and singing. I just came back from New Zealand, where I studied and did singing and producing. Before New Zealand, I was 6 years studying singing, dancing, and acting at the Conservatory School, with one year focused just on how to teach. After and during studying, I was teaching. I have rich experiences in practice, as well. Performing in various platforms, performing in theaters, performing in musicals, writing my own songs, etc. I offer lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Here is a taste of what I offer: Voice technique: learn how to use your voice correctly and in a healthy way, learn how to breathe correctly, etc. I have many creative exercises that will surely help you. Creativity: learn how to use your voice in different ways. Find out where your voice sounds the best, where you can express yourself the most, gain some musicality, creativity for creating your own songs, and you will be surprised what everything is in you. Ear training: a good singer needs to have good ears. I have many exercises where you can start to hear and recognize what you sing. Movement: learn how to move while you sing. Moves that will help you be brave and will give you security in your singing. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

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Kristína is a very nice and intelligent teacher. She explained things very well and I learned a lot from my first lesson:)
Very fun lessons, I learned a lot. Kristina is kind and patient and knew how to help me with any mistakes I made.

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