Trusted teacher
    Trusted teacher
    Half of my family is English. I manage, therefore, extremely well in this language. In addition, I obtained a score of 20/20 in the oral and written baccalaureate. I therefore offer my services to help college or high school students in English.
    I can give lessons to your child in any subject from 6th level to 3rd level. In math, in French, in history, in geography, in physics, in chemistry, in biology, in English, in Spanish ... I am a student and I am looking for work to finance my studies. I therefore offer you my services. I am attentive, patient, gentle with children. I love helping others and will do my best to help your child succeed in school. I can also offer lessons in reading, writing, spelling etc ... according to the needs of your child. I have a literary baccalaureate, obtained with a distinction. I can therefore also help your child if he is in high school but only in the subjects that I have followed. Including history, geography, Spanish, English, within the limits of my abilities.
    I am currently a student and in order to finance my studies, I am offering you a course in a field that I particularly like: reading. I am very patient so I could happily help your child learn to read if he is struggling or just improving if he can already read.

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