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    Trusted teacher
    Customized sports support at Devotion, at your home or on location. Strength training, fitness training, HITT, combat sports, ... ! Possibility to learn self defense in combination with endurance training.
    Realistic self defense based on krav maga & tactical defense system. The training consists of reality based self defense. Close Combat capabilities. Increase your resilience and self-confidence and become more assertive. Private self-defense classes based on krav maga for civilians men & women, youth, security guards, police or military ... - Group lesson or private lesson - Teambuilding (ask our prices for workshop or visit our website) - Education first aid / tecc - Theft prevention Your teacher/trainer: Jurgen - Specialist violence control at the police, Force with and without a firearm,.. - 4th DAN Krav Maga -1st DAN: kempo karate and jiu jitsu Certificates and diplomas can be checked on our website.
    ★ Women's Self-Defence Seminar ★ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Assault resistance training Learn how to: Defend yourself, Prevent situations, Enhance your senses, Take control Reduce your risk and Increase your options Learn the basic skills necessary to protect yourself. This class will show you how to be aware of your surroundings, as well as teach you self-defence moves in case of an attack. Each lesson = new situation and/or weapon. Knife Defence, attack stick, hand to hand, ground defence (anti rape), grabs, chokes,... ►SEMINAR FOR WHO Women all ages above 16+, sizes and fitness abilities are encouraged to attend. ►WHEN 4 weeks course on Saturday 10.00 - 12.00 > 05/9/2022 > 12/9/2022 > 19/09/2022 > 26/09/2022 We encourage a small group for private and effective training. Register now - space is limited Next Seminar: 9/2022 ►INSTRUCTOR 4de dan KRAV MAGA Police Self-defence & shooting instructor Vooraf aanmelden en plaats reserveren: devotion-center.com/reservatie €80/person / 4 lessons of 2h.

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