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Baden Powell and Toquinho are two of the most important guitar legends in the Brazilian music history. Together with Vinicius de Moraes, Tom Jobim, João Gilberto, Edu Lobo, Chico Buarque, João Bosco, Elis Regina, etc. They made the history of Brazilian music. In this short-term lesson, I will focus on the right hand approach of the great Baden Powell and Toquinho. Baden's right hand technique has always been discussed that it was too mysterious. If you go on YouTube to check any Cover version or even Transcription of his tunes, you will never see someone who can reproduce his technique. It's simply because it is very complicated if you don't know the principle. By directly studying from Baden's only student, his son - the great Marcel Powell. I'm approved by Marcel, and would love to share his father approach. Toquinho right hand technique for comping After the death of Vinicius de Moares, Toquinho gradually changed the way of his accompanying into a style which involved an exclusive approach of one finger strumming. It has become almost the only approach he is using nowadays. It is also a very exclusive technique you rarely see other use except Toquinho. *Note that. There are many other ways to play Brazilian music.
Hi there! My name is Joy, I'm from the Jazz guitar department in the Koninklijk Conservatorium in The Hague. with 2 years guitar teaching experience. I have always been searching ways to improve and doing many experiments and researches in order to play my instrument better. By this and an observation of myself, I come out with an efficient way to learn playing guitar. In this guitar class, we will focus on building your: Guitar Techniques, Rhythm, Improvising, Music Theory and Mentality on playing music. *if you are interested to Jazz or Brazilian music, those are my main focuses in my professional field Grab your guitar and have fun!

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My review of Joy's lesson is that he is not only fantastic at his guitar playing but also an enthusiastic teacher that will teach everything you want to know, solve your doubts, and, more importantly, help you to get closer to your musical goal. In my own opinion, he is a patient and amicable teacher that would not mind if I was making mistakes in his class. Instead, he encouraged me and guided me through my mistakes, and provided solutions accordingly to my problems. All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend Joy to all students who want to learn more about jazz guitar to participate in his class because he could really help you to improve.

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