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    Trusted teacher
    Mathematics is a key subject today. For one to do his or her duties well in this generation requires him to deal with figures and some calculations. From engineering, baking, pharmacy, business, to construction you need math. A good resume or c.v with good grades in math upgrades you to another level to acquiring your dream job in this competitive world.
    Mathematics is one of the key subjects that one recquires to havestudied well to boost his job qualification. I teach maths at ordinary level and advanced level. UNEB,IGCSE, A and AS Level. Physics is one of the subjects I specialised in. Any motivated student whoes career lies in the field of engineering, computer science, astronomy, and mechanics, physics is the base line one should have mastered.
    Physics is a key subject in science. As a student with a dream of becoming one of the innovators in the scientific world, then physics should be your number one priority. From Engineers, doctors, Astronauts and other professions, physics is main essential subject that someone must have mastered. As a student, you will be to learn all what is needed for you to pass with high grades in the subject. I will also teach different techniques on how to master and understand the physics laws, definitions, calculations and applications. You will also learn different different ways on approaching the different papers of physics when answering them.

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