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I am a singer studying in the Utrecht Conservatorium and recorder player graduated from the Conservatorium van Amsterdam (2020). I can teach you recorder and singing and adapt to your tastes and needs. For both instruments, I focus, as a teacher and performer, on a healthy, joyful and technically skilled way of playing and singing. With my students, I focus not only on the instrument sound production, but also on body posture, relaxation and organic movement. An happy and relaxed body produces a beautiful, natural and relaxed sound. What music style would you like to learn? Would you like to play folk music, to sing pop songs or walk through a more classical path? I have experience in different areas, having sang and played folk and jazz music and also having classically trained for many years. I can also help you with music theory, from the basic introduction to music to advanced solfeggi and rhythms. I graduated in Musicology and studied Music Pedagogy in Portugal before moving to Amsterdam. For little children, I can also combine the playing of the instrument with more didactic activities mixed with body movement and dance! I have several years of teaching experience both with adults and children, in group or an individual setting. And the most important of all, is that you fall in love with music, all kinds of music, and have loads of fun in the process!

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Joana is a wonderful teacher and person. We always opened the lessons with breathing and grounding exercises and she taught me a lot about technique and breathing focusing mostly on classical singing. She also had answers for all my questions related to singing, breathing etc. She’s an artist who really knows her craft and everyone can learn a lot from her :)
she is very capaple and sensitive, she makes my confortable learning new skills.
Very professional and very lighthearted at the same time :) Had a wonderful first leson.
I was very lucky to find Joana for my singing lessons! She is extremely kind, clear in her explanation, professional and knowledgeable. Her lessons are never boring and she is very engaging, which is a big plus point. I totally recommend her!
Joana is a very talented, dedicated and experienced teacher! She is attentive, patient, passionate, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, creative and encouraging! I take lessons via Skype and I am more than happy to have found Joana as my singing teacher! Joana easily adapts to the student's level and tailors each lesson to the student's individual needs. I would describe her teaching approach as original, motivating and effective. Joana knows how to create a warm and supporting learning environment where I feel comfortable to explore and improve my singing voice. It is apparent that Joana loves teaching and sharing her knowledge. I would definetely recommend Joana to anyone who is either interested in taking singing or recorder lessons!

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