Former high school SES teacher, holder of a license in economics and legal sciences, offers methodology courses in SES. Some students have accumulated shortcomings inherited from previous years; how can we provide them with effective help? A) The catch-up prerequisite: -Copy your lessons poorly transcribed since the beginning of the year. -Integrate the review sheets from the previous year into this year's lessons. -Enrich your course notes through documentary research. - Get a clear and concise idea of the economic history of Europe and the world over the last two centuries. You must also; -Know the main lines of economic thought of the last two centuries (liberalism, utilitarianism, Marxism etc.…). -Master the fundamental notions of economic and political sciences: Public / private, Individual / group, rational / emotional etc.… - Feel at your ease in algebra and know how to read all types of functions. B) The dissertation and the synthesis of documents. To succeed in the essay exercise, it is imperative to know how to carry out the "document synthesis" to its end. The "document synthesis" exercise requires mastery of the following methods: -Methodology of the comparative study of scientific texts, essays, specialized writings, newspaper articles etc.… -Methods of reading and interpreting statistical data (tables, wafers, diagrams, etc.) and graphs of functions. -Iconology (knowing how to interpret an image). -Understand the challenges of micro and macroeconomics in modern nation states. Good luck to all.
French lessons for high school and college students What are the conditions for success in the Modern Letters and Classics course in high school? The student must know how to avoid 5 prohibitive pitfalls: - the "off topic" - the "wrong way" - the "paraphrase" - gossip " - "impertinence" (the speech lacks meaning) The student must also meet the following requirements to obtain the average: - identify the theme of the text. - identify the author's thesis. - know how to construct a problem to avoid "paraphrasing". - know how to find a guideline and build a detailed plan to avoid falling into "chatter". - know how to use all the resources of the syntax and the conjugation of French to write a comprehensible and relevant speech (to be able to explain an idea, an intuition, even a feeling). I offer tutorials and methodology courses using the following tools: - Greco-Latin etymology. - time concordance (in-depth) - uses of logical connectors (in-depth). - mastery of figures of styles and syntax of the French language. - knowledge of the author's work and his century (in-depth). - Oral presentation techniques (possibility of organizing collective tutorials). Good luck to all !
Professor of philosophy, classical letters and economic and social sciences. Passionate about methodology, I think I can help some of you to organize your scientific research. I offer any academic, candidate for public office, students of the grandes écoles, assistance in writing summary notes, briefs, oral presentations; provided that they are exercises requiring expertise in one of the following fields: legal studies, political sciences, social sciences, educational sciences, ancient history and archeology, modern or classical letters and philosophy. If you would like to contact me; I thank you kindly inform the following elements: - Subject of the thesis. - Title of the master. (Please contact me via the site for more details) CDLT
Philosophy lessons at Terminale, Hypocagne, Khâgne and University level Some philosophers write systems, others treatises, others aphorisms, and others philosophical essays. Whatever your "intellectual family" we will quickly learn how to make you discover it. A) For all Ter streams and 1st year of Univ Practical work throughout the year: 1) Support for students throughout the year in writing and correcting their homework. 2) Correct assignments before they are handed in. (Thanks to the interactive digital board, we write your first copies together). General introduction to philosophy for all terminal students 1) -Familiarization with the major fields of philosophy (Epistemology, logic, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics) (2h min) 2) -Introduction to the history of philosophical ideas (1h30) 3) -Introduction to Greco-Latin etymology (30 min) 4) -Introduction to the currents of Greek philosophy (1h) 5) -Introduction to the main currents of modern philosophy (2h) 5) -Initiation in the use of computer and office tools (optional) 7) -Introduction to the methodology of the dissertation + writing of standard dissertations under the aegis of the teacher (8h) 8) -Introduction to the methodology of text commentary + joint writing of your first text comments (8h) Students can attend the class collectively, which will allow them to share the costs. B) Courses for pupils of Ter in difficulty: For those who are struggling in philosophy but who do not want to be penalized by the discipline on the day of the Bac test, we will find a solution to get you out of the rut. It is not necessary to be a great reasoner to obtain the average on the day of the Bac test; it is enough to master the grammar, the syntax of French and the methodology of the text commentary to obtain an honorable score (the academy forbids us not to give the average to the copies clearly Written and respectful of the philosophical methodology). C) Courses for students of khâgne-hypocagne and those of the university; contact me to explain your difficulties. -Correction of your copies. -Alternative fixes. - Drafting of alternative detailed plans. -TD: organization of your draft reflection in record time (20 to 30 min). -Finally, I offer group tutorials online. -Possibility of ad hoc in-depth studies on certain theoretical points. I hope you will avoid the "cold shower" of the 1st semester.
Hello, I offer Arabic lessons 1) For middle and high school students, from your textbook or using my own course materials 2) For adults / (initiation) 1st level lessons: Writing and pronouncing the letters. 2sd level lessons: Pronouns & syntax 3th level lessons: Verbs & conjugation 4th level lessons: Nouns & adjectives 5th level lessons: Adverbs & link-worlds 6th level lessons: Types of sentences 7th level lessons: Grammatical structures 8th level lessons: Grammatical structures ps: Possibility of language stay in Egypt.

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