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My classes are mainly focused on children and students, from 3 years old until the end of high school. However, I would be delighted to teach adults as well. I can assist you in your initiation to the language, give you reinforcement classes or help you with homework or exam preparation.
I'm a Spanish student living in Ghent. I will teach you whatever you need, from ordering at a bar to an intermidiate or advanced level. We will talk about your interests and whatever you fancy, so you can get more involved in your development. With very fun exercises, learning this kind of difficult language will be as easy as it comes!
I have been playing and studying the cello for almost a lifetime and I can assure you that it is one of the most wonderful things that can be done. Even if it costs! I can teach both beginners or amateurs who want to improve their level, as well as advanced students who want to perfect their work. Also, if you are someone who is considering starting with this instrument, do not hesitate! We will work on all aspects of the execution: the technique of both hands, posture, relaxation, musical expressiveness ...
I've spent my whole live practicing and playing cello and I can assure it's one of the most marvelous things one can do. Even if you struggle! I can teach either beginners or amateurs who want to get better at it, or higher level students who want to perfect their craft. Also, if you are somebody thinking about starting with this instrument, do not have any doubt! I base myself on the teachings received from my teachers during all my years of study, in which I have always been especially interested in the importance of the figure of the teacher for the healthy development of students. I adapt to the technical and musical needs of each student, even if we start from 0, without prior musical knowledge. We will work on every aspect of cello playing: Both hands' technique, posture, musical expression... Musical theory, solfège, harmony, etc. are also possible!

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Mein 10-jähriger Sohn hat sehr viel Spaß am Unterricht bei Javier. Javier hat ein gutes Händchen für Kinder und kann sie gut motivieren. Echt toll. Das mit dem Online-Unterricht klappt auch sehr gut.

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