Hi I'm Jappe, a 30 year old man with a huge passion for music and teaching. After my studies at the Jazz/Popsoul studio in Antwerp, I started teaching in the region. Soon I noticed that many people who have played guitar for years (sometimes 20 to 30 years) still lack a fundamental basis. This basis is essential for understanding the instrument. The guitar is a logical tool, if you follow some steps to see the "bigger picture". I have 15 years of experience and performed on various stages, including Street parties, Permeke Festival, Easywood Festival, Antwerp Tower and at the Mas in Antwerp. I also had the opportunity to study with some top guitarists from Belgium and the Netherlands, such as Frank Peeters, Ruben Machtelinckx, Peter Verbraecken, Koen Wauters and Paolo Loveri. The genres in which I have a lot of experience are: Pop, Rock, Blues, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime, Country, Funk, Jazz, Classical, Flamenco, Reggae and Latin. Both fingerstyle and traditional with the pick.
In this class I teach music theory for those who want to understand the language of music. Once you know the basics, you can apply this to any instrument. There is no basis level or knowledge needed, we can start from the beginning or fill in the blanks on where you are struggling to get the full picture.
In this class we look and treat music as language. In an organic way we start to understand how music works and how to play by ear. No basic knowledge is needed, you don't have to be able to read music. All you need is a bass guitar and the motivation to start playing music.
In this class we learn how the English language works and go true simple dialog exercises and methods to help you learn and understand the language. No basic knowledge is needed. The way I work is true listening and understanding, then using what we learned in a context right away. On the time we have to agree because my schedule is different every week.

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Very good explanation, knows what he is doing. Very pleasant person
Zeer aangename kerel die zeer goed les geeft. Een aanrader. Ikzelf heb geen enkele kennis van notenleer of instrument en Jappe legt dit zeer goed en begrijpend uit.
Gitaarleraar met veel kennis, die het ook kan overbrengen.

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