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🛑🚨 # fortigate⚡ # socket_en_main I am pleased to announce the launch of the Fortigate firewall getting started training, this training allows you to know the administration basics of the fortigate firewall ⛳ target audience: students, technicians, engineers
I am a network engineer and computer security, I offer this course in computer network management to administer the computer network on the three layers including access, distribution and federation. This course would be adapted according to the student's need.
Fortiweb and the FORTINET web application firewall which protects your application against sql injection attacks, cross site script, ... During this course, we will learn the configuration of fortiweb to protect WEB servers either with http or https
This course allows you to acquire the skills necessary to administer FORTIGATE UTM DE FORTINET including profit management antivirus, ips, ids, security policy, dns, dhcp, log, application control, web filter ... eg of other technologies that we will discover later ..
Ceh is verry intersting formation in security , the goal of this formation is to help student to know how hacker work in the goal to block all threat from real hacker, is ethical hacker. When you think like hacker you can block them, this formation is very interested

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Issamo is a great teacher -- smart, friendly and helpful. I wanna send him a big thank you for his effort and flexibility. I recommend Issamo 100%. Thanks you all, Nawfel.

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