Talk! Talk! Talk! Si tienes problemas para hablar con fluidez, siempre te quedas en blanco, te cuesta mucho esfuerzo construir frases o encontrar las palabras cuando las necesitas, ¡podemos trabajar y mejorar esto! Si tienes problemas con la gramática, preparo clases adaptadas a tu objetivo con ejercicios concretos y recursos específicos. Si estás preparando un examen (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, Escuela Oficial de Idiomas...), puedo ayudarte con la preparación con material especializado, correcciones focalizadas y pautas importantes a la hora de hacer la prueba de manera que vayamos limando tus errores y controlando tu producción. Let´s do this!
Do you want to travel or live in Spain and feel confident? Do you have some trouble speaking and would like to work on your fluency? Are you preparing DELE or SIELE? You always wanted to learn Spanish and have decided that the time might be just now? I can help you! Some of my students were also in the same place as you. My name is Irene García Núñez. I come from Guadalajara, a town close to Madrid, but live in beautiful Barcelona. I understood very early that I like not only learning but also teaching languages and studied my Masters of Linguistics Applied to Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I have lived in France, India, Germany and Russia teaching Spanish. During these 10 years of teaching, I learnt a lot about different methods, people and logics. I have a vast experience with very different students, their needs and the adequate resources for them. I know how to adapt my classes to what students want and need so they make the most of their time and money. I think it is very important for students to feel comfortable and safe. I like learning about my students′ personal interests so we can use them in the learning process. This way what we do and talk about makes sense and is relevant for them. I also speak English, French, German and Russian. I can explain in the student′ s mother tongue if necessary although my goal will be to speak Spanish from the very beginning with affordable exercises adapted to your level. I follow mainly a communicative approach though the goal pursued by the student is what defines the final design of the class. I love teaching and learning new languages because it brings us closer.

Reviews (6)

Fantastic first class and looking forward to more.
I really enjoy the lessons with Irene who is a very motivating teacher.
Irene is so patient and great communicator, very much enjoyed my lesson!
Les leçons se passe vraiment très bien .Irène prend son temps pour bien expliquer.
As a beginner, the lesson really captured my interest!

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