French might be one of the most complex language to learn. Letters that we do not pronounce, irregularities at each corner, one word meaning three different thing for a same pronunciation, sometimes an abstruse syntax... It is rather normal to have difficulties to learn it ! My goal is to make you exercise, to keep you challenged and curious about french culture. Hence, you will mainly practice during this class. Through discussion, memory games, reading or writing. I only assign homework when the student has time to do it. French is meant to be enjoyed! I certainly do not want to overwhelm you. A short recap of the class will be sent to you after each session. This class is designed for any level. From beginners to almost fluent students, the only thing you will need is curiosity and energy. Should you need to pass a test, a certificate, or should you just want to learn French to show off, we will make sure that your aims are achieved. (Classes are also available in German and in English)

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