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Let's start by declensions and so on. We'll discover the verbal tenses and how is a phrase done. You don't know the slight aspects unless have studied how Ancient Greek's verbs work, or the Ancient Indian. So, if we can translate texts (at first easier ones, the the original), we could reach anywhere in the vast world around the Roman Empire. Latin is the basis for the Romance languages. And Greek is more usual between us than you could imagine (Medicine, over all). You could structure your mind as the ancient did! They are the "little box" where you can put in whatever you want. It also provides a manner to live and to work in order to know the essential tasks and the rest.
As a Spanish teacher, I like to guide classes to action, day by day. It is always preferable to know the recurring vocabulary and the most common forms. We will focus on the oral interaction. It will be necessary to have a grammatical review session, which is not a problem: my experience as a teacher of the subject "Spanish Language" in Spain has given me the ways to teach them at all levels (from 9 years to adults). Classes would be given entirely in Spanish, it is always necessary to input the most of the language that is being studied.

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