English courses for adults and students, fast and original method by experienced teacher having traveled a lot and having taught English in language institutes around the world. In addition, I am a certified coach and hypnotherapist and have NLP techniques to optimize the speed of learning and facilitate assimilation.
Self control - Work on gaze, voice and posture - Hypnotic attitudes and gestures - Hypnotic semantics - Subcommunication - Relational Hooks Calibration of the person - Syncronization - Create trust - Create consent - Imposing a Frame - Posture of Influence Preparing the Hypnotic Ground - Hypnotic Functions - Indirect Suggestions - Creating Confusion - Depotentialising Critical Consciousness - Creating Patterns Conversational hypnotic inductions - Subliminal Spreading - Metaphors - Advanced Confusion Techniques - Pattern Breaks - Cropping - Amnesia Sculpt the mind, emotions and feelings - Generate the action Breasts of suggestibility - Emotional hooks - Create an atmosphere - psychological levers of influence and persuasion - Needs - The commitment Hypno-rhetoric - Strategic Hypnosis - Creating illusion - Anchors - Managing Resistance Hypnotize an Audience - Hypnotic Media Training
I teach covert hypnosis to company managers, lawyers, lobbyists, trainers, negotiators, experts in communication....Learn how to be a lot more effective in your communication in front of one person or in front of an audience. Technics to convince, persuade, negotiate and influence.

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Super enseignant, plein de nouvelles découvertes et de choses à mettre en pratique !
Cours très intéressant, j’ai beaucoup appris en une heure et j’ai plusieurs exercices à faire au quotidien pour atteindre mes objectifs !
Très bon professeur
Très amical et on apprend beaucoup de choses en 1h!
Très bonne méthode, beaucoup de pédagogie. J'apprends enfin la prononciation. Je vous le recommande vivement. Magali

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