This course is made for children as well as for adults, beginners or advanced. As long as you enjoy manual activities or simply want to discover a new world, then this course is definitely for you. In my course, I introduce you to the different materials with which jewelers often work, as well as the basic techniques to make a necklace, brooch. I will also introduce you to the various types of stones, metals and how to recognize them from fakes or others.
While the majority buy ready-to-wear, already finished products, ordinary decorations. YOU think these choices are limited and want to CREATE something yourself, put together the right fabrics and colors, create designs that are out of the ordinary. So let me reassure you that you've come to the right place and I'm here to help you get started from 0. I will guide you step by step, even if you have never held a needle in your hand or already have a base. I adapt to each student to allow them to leave at their own pace. THE ACTIVITIES I OFFER: -embroidery -Knitting -Painting on the fabric (Cotton, Silk, ..) NB: You can choose only 1 activity for the pursuit of a concrete interest. Or / Choose several activities for the more curious who want to discover a variety of manual activities. -The lessons take place mainly in my workshop (near Bd Ghandi). Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information. I will be happy to discuss your goals.
Do you want to study Russian as a foreign language for work or study? for everyday life or just for fun? You are then in the right place. I will help you to be among the speakers of the eighth most spoken language in the world. I am a Russian teacher born and raised in the USSR, who currently lives in Morocco, I have had a lot of experience with students of all ages from the youngest to the oldest. I obtained my pedagogical qualification at the Russian university. My lessons have been designed to give you a broad knowledge of the language, and include the four main disciplines of language learning: reading, writing, speaking and listening. I consider it important to keep the balance between practice and theory during the course for that the geography, the culture, the traditions, the civilization of Russia are an integral part of the courses. NB: On average, a pupil can acquire an elementary level A1 in Russian in 6 months, this duration can be reduced if he takes intensive courses. Classes take place mainly at the teacher's home or at the students' premises. ADVANTAGES : * I lead face-to-face and remote courses * I work with students individually as well as in groups (Max: 4)
Are you often in a bad mood? Do you have too many problems confusing your head and looking for a way to empty yourself? Then you have come to the right place. I am a Russian Artist immersed in art since my childhood. I offer sessions where the student releases his negative emotions that bothers him and relaxes with the help of Art. Art therapy is a means that will help you express yourself through your work, it will allow you, for example, to draw your discomfort or to color your emotions. While psychotherapy uses speech, art therapy relies on artistic creation to express your problems other than in words. I offer activities like: -Drawing (Coloring pages, mandalas and other meditative drawings) -Paint -Creation of figures, Origami, Collage, Modeling ... - I teach mainly in my small workshop located near Bd Ghandi. -The duration of the session is: one hour and a half. ADVANTAGES : * I lead the lessons in my workshop with all the equipment
Do you have a particular interest in drawing? Have you always wanted to learn to draw and paint but you feel incapable on your own? Then you have come to the right place. I have been an Artist immersed in art since my childhood, and I am here to help people discover this world of Art in practice. Through my sessions, I try to reveal the talent of my students, develop their artistic sense and especially to master the basics. I offer plastic arts classes in my studio, such as: * Drawing / Painting * Creation of new figurines, origami, modeling, collage. * Creation of small accessories I structure my lessons so that they progress step by step, always guided by a subject, an instruction, an exercise. I would love to pass on my passion for art to my students. -The lessons take place mainly in my workshop (near Bd Ghandi) in small groups of 4 people. -The duration of the session is: one hour and a half. We resume classes from September 1, 2021. ADVANTAGES : * I lead the lessons in my workshop with all the equipment * I accept students from 6 years old.

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