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Hello everyone! I'm Giorgia and I come from Torino, Italy. I offer my native knowledge of Italian to any of you, who wants to discover this beautiful language. I teach for all levels, from very beginners to advanced speakers, passing through amateurs or simply curious of any age. I can also help with university exams and school works/assignments. Being a pianist and a piano teacher, I already have lots of experience with teaching and pedagogical approach with the whole range of ages. The lesson is intended to meet the student needs: the focus can be on the grammar, conversation or literature. In case of a middle-level speaker, the lesson will cover all four language's abilities: listening, speaking, writing and reading. My suggestion of a well planned lesson is, for any level, to divide it into two parts: grammar first and then conversation (covering all the abilities mentioned above). Thank you for your attention and looking forward to meeting you !!
I teach for all levels, from children starting from zero to students who want to prepare certifications at the Conservatories, passing through amateurs or simply curious of any age. I firmly believe in the importance of knowing how to read music and this is exactly what I teach first, obviously adapting the method to the age of my students: knowing how to read music is knowing one more language, which, if learned well, won’t ever be forgotten (like riding a bicycle!) and it is an invaluable wealth. Starting from that point I teach the position of the hand, the arm and the whole body at the piano, the fundamentals of the piano technique (giving great importance to the percussive movement of the finger and the distribution of weight), the understanding of musical language, the expression of the personality through the keyboard, the search for touch and knowledge of piano repertoire.

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I have took 5 classes with Giorgia so far and I must say that she is a quite patient teacher and has passion for teaching. She opens your eyes, minds and hearts to unexplored worlds by music. Since I am 25 and very much beginner level, I would say that better late than never :)
Excellent teacher. Highly recommended!
Professional and highly knowledgable teacher! Excited to continue working with Giorgia. My playing and my understanding of the music I'm working on is already improving. Highly recommend!
Giorgia is an excellent and very knowledgeable piano teacher. I’ve already noticed a big improvement in my piano playing having adopted the recommended changes to my technique. The lessons are focused and enjoyable and seem to pass very quickly. Giorgia is extremely patient and friendly and I’d have no hesitation in recommending her.
Giorgia is a very professional teacher with a great passion for music and teaching others. I feel like even after a couple of classes I could improve my knowledge a lot and in general I enjoy very much the great attitude and attention towards student's needs and goals. Will definitely recommend Giorgia to anyone who is looking for an efficient and fun way to learn playing piano.

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