With a degree in management and communication, and certified in coaching, I accompany you at your own pace so that you can find the right path according to the objectives that we establish together. If you want to boost your career, your personal life, or optimise your communication methods, I am here to listen to you. You have the solutions, you just need to activate the right levers. We will find them together. Methods used: valid psychometric tests, NLP, camera and recording for better self-knowledge, real-time feedback, systematic methodologies, action plan development
Graduate teacher (Bac +5+) in management, management, HR and international relations, certified in professional coaching and personality psychometry test, offers you professional and adapted support to help you progress in your self-knowledge, management, personal development and inter-personal communication. With 25 years of experience in the professional world and in professional education, the support is tailor-made, adapted to the student's rhythm. The teaching is educational and fun. We define the objective to be achieved together. You will be amazed yourself with all your untapped skills. Embark on YOUR adventure of personal development and skills that will boost your career or your own self-knowledge or even optimize communication with those around you.
Teaching graduated in Master 2 of Human Resources Engineering and psychology of work, offers a tailor-made pedagogy to support you in your development of skills. With 15 years of experience in operational HR as HR and HRD in an international environment, I guide you on the path to optimization in your HR processes, from recruitment techniques to performance management. , up to career management or salary grid ... Team management, training system, declination of objectives. All the techniques and skills necessary to be a competent HR Business Partner.
20 years of experience in training, teaching, coaching and consulting A qualified teacher (Masters degrees in subjects taught) offers distance learning courses (videoconference) or face-to-face (at home), or in appropriate places for training, using individualised teaching methods (help with exam and homework preparation, choice of intensity, motivating and fun methodology, progress reports). Together we define your learning objective. We progress at your own pace. Guaranteed results. I find creative ways to teach. Learning must be fun. We will define and reach your objective together. At your rythm!

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