👍Let's learn through video games, books, films and series that you like. I have designed lessons about ⛏Minecraft, GTA, Harry Potter, Ladybug, etc. ☯We are going to learn and practice grammar through online games and fun activities. ⏰Present Simple / Present Continuous: I come from the UK./He is studying for his exams this week. ⌚Past Simple / Past Contituous: We went to the cinema last night./I was watching Tv when suddenly someone knocked at the door. ⏱Present Perfect / Past Perfect: Look! Mark has dyed his hair green./They have been shopping all morning and now they exhausted. ⏰Past Simple vs Present Perfect: I went to China in 2015. vs I have been in China. (experience) ⌚Future Simple / Future Continuous: I think it will rain later./ They'll be playing their favourite online game all afternoon. ⏱Future Perfect/ going to / other ways to express future: Tom will have fixed the bike by seven this evening./She's going to text her friend later. /I'm meeting Sandy at the weekend./The plane arrives at half past ten. 🤖Helping words to express the tenses(time markers): today, tomorrow, yesterday, always, already, by 2050. 🦋Learn the modal verbs: may/could/should/must/might/ought to and the negative form. ⛅You will practice the grammar in a natural way to help you understand and remember how to use the expressions in real life situations, so you can express your feelings and opinion in English like a native does. ⛴Conditionals(If-clauses) Zero/First/Second/Third ☕Let's practice your cognitive skills and activate your English vocabulary through conversations and learning about the accents( Australian Accent, South African Accent, etc.) through videos. ✅American English vs British English ♪♬We can practice through your favourite music and learn the lyrics as well as watch the video in class. Do you like Billie Eilish?💖 You will enjoy a lesson that meets your interests specifically adapted to your level. I can't wait to see you in class!😊
👍EXPERT in teaching KIDS⛹with 12+ yrs of experience 🤝Examiner for YLE(Cambridge University) 🥇TEFL certificate 🦋BA in TESOL and English Linguistics and Literature 🦉MA in Developmental Psychology 💖Rich teaching experience in CHINA, GERMANY, SPAIN, the USA, GREECE, BULGARIA, etc. 😊 Worked with ≥10 000 children from 18 nationalities ♨Give your child a chance to love the language they are learning ♬Help them develop their listening and speaking skills⚆⚟together with their reading and writing ✍☑Make sure they are acquiring grammar and vocabulary the same way as in the mother language 🤖LET YOUR CHILD LEARN WITH A PROFESSIONAL❗ ⚽You can see an example of a class for students at the age of 7 or 8 who are just starting to learn reading. ☯The students will practice WRITING, READING, SPEAKING and LISTENING. ⏰The vocabulary topics we can work on are: Animals, Clothes, Furniture/House, Food, Sports, Numbers, Letters, Cartoons, etc. 🐘I am an author of an alphabet pupil's book and I can teach your child the alphabet through animals for each letter plus fun videos and songs. 🐩 ✌The sentences we will learn are: ☞What is your name? - My name is Elza. ☞How old are you? - I am 7 years old. ☞Where are you? - I am in the living room/ bedroom/bathroom/etc. ☞Do you like__? Yes, I do/No, I don't. vs I like cats./ I don't like dogs. ☞My favourite colour is green. ☞Counting 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 and backwards 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ☞Maths in English ☞I can/can't run/swim/jump/walk/etc. And many more grammar structures and phrases in English through a well-structured curriculum.🦄

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Galina ist eine freundliche, aufmerksame und professionelle Lehrerin. Sie geht individuell auf meine Fragen ein. Sie ist strukturiert und bietet in ihrem Unterricht - und auch für das Üben ohne sie - vielfältige Übungen an. Ich lerne sehr gerne englisch mit ihr.

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