Currently a language assistant in Spain, I teach FFL classes for all levels! It is possible to have a class designed to improve one's written expression. In this case, I give a written essay for each course. As part of a first part we correct together this writing and we return to the grammatical points that were not understood. Then in a second part we approach a new point (lexical or grammatical). We then put it into practice in a third part thanks to an oral practice which makes it possible to reinvest the new learned grammatical point and to fix it. Finally, I give a copy for the following week. It is also possible to have conversation classes (for higher levels) to improve your speaking skills. I usually choose a cultural theme (cinema, literature, news etc.) that allows you to start a conversation. In a second part of the course I come back to some grammatical points that are problematic for the student to improve his speaking. We can therefore work on the real needs of the learner. Finally, in a third part, if it is necessary and desired we can do phonetic exercises to improve oral pronunciation. I also offer tutoring classes for children with difficulties with French at school.

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