Getting started together in the subject matter: we seek out the subject matter together, find / discover the reason that the student cannot follow, or where (om) problems are situated. We look for solutions together. We will also work with learning strategies and working methods. All subjects possible. my diplomas: master's degree in commercial engineering, pedagogical diploma
Natural and spontaneous learning and / or practicing Dutch: * through conversations * via games * via songs * via video clips * grammar in function of the needs and as support: eg 1 grammar topic / lesson practiced through games or conversation. with flexibility (eg in terms of planning) and dynamism! Teaching is my passion! With 5 years of experience in public schools, my language skills (French, English and German) and my didactics diploma, I inspire the students for Dutch. My goal is to offer a fun and challenging experience in Dutch, tailored to the student: - a pleasant experience so that the lesson stimulates and motivates to use or learn Dutch - a challenging experience with a focus on needs: in terms of language level (for example, the present in Dutch) or in terms of feeling (for example, strengthening self-confidence).
My passion is speaking to a large audience and another passion helping people. When speaking in public, I am easily moved by my audience. I speak clearly, clearly and in contact with myself. That was one of my motivations to become a teacher. In addition, guidance is also one of my qualities: guidance in fears, bringing healing. I have had training in which I learned techniques to heal fears and traumas. My intention in a process together with you: * let you tell your own story (for an audience), in contact with yourself * resolve all fears and other blockages that prevent you. I speak Dutch and can also guide you in French and in English. Are you - just like me - curious about what is possible?

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My 9 years old son already enjoyed the first session and looking forward to continue with Juf Evelien:)
Evelien is great in teaching and explaining. She spontaneously elaborated and adapted our classes wether prepared or unexpected whenever I had questions about any topic in Nederlands. She monitored my my learning continuously. I totally recommend her.
Evelien is a great teacher, with a lot of experience in teaching Dutch to foreigners. She tailors the lessons to your needs and always makes it interesting. Very much recommended!
She is an enthusiastic teacher and always prepared for our lessons. Our classes are really efficient and effective.

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