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    Trusted teacher
    If we want to play an instrument, we have to be sure about our knowledge of the basics of music. It's the sight / notereading, really important. Without the ability of reading the scores and melodies, we can not learn an instrument affectively. First we start with the notes, the keys, the scales, and with singing. Step by step we writing melodies, accords, etc.
    When you play the flute, you have to pay attention for various things what all affects the sound and the quality of your flute. If you play an instrument, your body does the same if you would be a sportsman! We have to pay attention for the breathing, the moving, and also to our Posture! We need to do it right, to stay healty, and protect our bones and muscles! If you would start learning how to play the flute, we are going to start from the very begining and go further and further, taking every steps. We learn how to warm up our body in a right way, and how to warm up our instruments. We learn to blow into the head of the instrument, and after a few times we blow the whole! Fantastic feeling! If you are already know how to play the flute or you have already done a few classes, we continoue the work you started and develop your skills!

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