Topics include: Art, British culture, history, books, nature, TV and films, food, health, and many more. I am also open to suggested topics. I will then prepare a lesson about YOUR chosen subject if I decide to go with your suggestion. My "Let's talk" lessons are not focused on learning grammar rules, communication is key! Here's how it works: 1. I will offer you some suggestions. 2. After you have chosen a topic any needed vocabulary will be sent. 3. You watch/read the material before the lesson 4. We will discuss the video/article in the lesson. 5. After the lesson I will send you any extra vocabulary we used. 6. Homework may be given, this may be a grammar point. I will review your homework out of lesson time and send it back to you. ** English Placement Test sent before the lesson. **
** Sich kennenlernen. ** ** Bevor wir uns treffen, schicke ich Ihnen einen Englisch-Einstufungstest. ** ** Wir werden über Seinen Hobbys u Zielen sprechen. ** Get to know each other. Before the class I will send you a English placement test. We will talk about your goals and interests.
Online Kurs ** Die Themen umfassen Familie, Ausgehen, Reisen, Technologie, Themen, die Ihnen beim täglichen Englisch helfen** ** Grammatik, Lesen, Schreiben, Hören und Sprechen. ** ** Englisch-Einstufungstest. Dies wird es mir ermöglichen, Sie auf dem richtigen Niveau zu starten. **** We will learn English for going out, travel, talking about you and your family ** Listen, talk, read and write. ** ** Homework to help you learn at home. ** ** An English Placement Test is given before we meet. Start on the correct level. ** *** Have a lesson then choose a package ***

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