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Trusted teacher
3年以上教中文經驗,非常有耐心,可依照學生需求和目標授課 大家好,HELLO,BONJOUR。 我已經有約莫3年教中文的經驗,因材施教是我的原則,教材活潑,依照學生狀況設計。大致可分為學習字彙、發音、句型、聽說、讀或寫。 若學生有特殊需求也可討論變動教材。 如果您正在尋找一位有耐心的老師,相信我,我絕對是第一人選,請來試試我的課。 *我可以教繁體、簡體。拼音或注音 ㄅㄆㄇㄈ 歡迎來試試 !! I already have 3 years of experience in teaching Chinese. Teaching students in accordance with their aptitude is my principle. The teaching materials are lively and designed according to the students' conditions. Can be roughly divided into learning vocabulary, pronunciation, grammer, listening, reading or writing. , you can also feel free to talk with me anytime if u have any suggestion for the class.If you are looking for a patient teacher, believe me, I am definitely the first choice, please try my class. *I can teach traditional and simplified. Pinyin or ㄅㄆㄇㄈ Welcome hope see you soon

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Very effective teacher :)

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