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    Trusted teacher
    For the past year, as a French teacher in two private schools in Southampton (at Language Class in Lewis school and La Récré), I m responsible for planning, preparing and delivering well structured, clearly stated and adapted to the abilities of all students, support, motivate and encourage students in the subject taught, their learning of French, and inspire all students to work to their full potential, improving, updating and maintaining material, methods and resources as needed, ensuring that the classroom is a stimulating environment that facilitates learning, the organization of role plays, games, to encourage a positive and proactive approach to studies and reinforce student confidence. In addition, as a French and chess tutor, I develop several tools for teaching: playing roles, games, ...
    learn the basic rules and principles - Rules of the Chess Game - Initial position of the parts - Checkmate (mat tables) - Theory (101 fundamental notions) - Rider movement - How to record chess moves - FEN rating - Chess pieces - The art of playing Pawns - Tactical - History of chess - Learn chess at 4 years old Openings - Coup du Berger - Italian part of the 2 Cavaliers (Traxler) - French Defense Finals - Final tables (Nalimov) - Statistics of the Finals - Some finals to know

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