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Based on my experience in the financial sector and education I can guide you with: - LESSONS all ECONOMIC COURSES, both for high school students and students in higher education (college and university). The tutoring is tailored to your course material. You can take tutoring to keep up during the school year or in preparation for the exams - support in the preparation for the CENTRAL EXAMINATION COMMITTEE. The central examination committee requires thorough preparation. We go through all the topics on the basis of the course description. This is based on course material that you purchase yourself. The preparation for the examination committee can be for: ° business economics ASO and TSO ° general economy ASO and TSO
Based on your own course material, I can guide you in your accounting or financial analysis training. For the financial analysis you can also contact me for a course of 10 lessons in which you learn everything about the analysis of the financial statements: - you get a basic understanding of the rules of accounting - you recognize all parts of the financial statements and understand what they stand for - you can deduce the health of a company from the annual accounts using various analysis techniques - you learn to interpret the results of the analysis - you can use the analysis for making investment decisions, preparing a credit application with the bank

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