Black Girl, Long Hair. I am a Black Hair Goals Coach. I teach black women to grow out long hair. I will teach you how to have hair that is: long, strong, healthy, sexy, beautiful, pretty, cute, shiny, lustrous, silky, moist/ saturated with moisture, not frizzy, less breakage, brilliant, clean, color-rich, manageable, comb-able, brush-able, etc...I will teach you what hair care and hair styling products, hair services, and hair tools to use. I will teach you how to take care of your hair at home. I will teach you how to find the best hair stylist for you. I will give you non-medical advice on hair loss. I will give you advice on weave, hair extensions, wigs, and hair pieces. I work with black women, and parents and care takers black girls and black women. This is a fun class. Come hang out with me. Let's work together.

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