In this class, students learn from basic knowledge to intermediate and advanced subjects of music production, to understand the process of creating songs, instrumentals for visual production to audio design, from composition, pre-production, and production, to the understanding of final processes to sound a creative piece at a higher level. Likewise, audio editing elements are taught for content creation such as Podcasts, audio guides, audiobooks, and transition elements. In general, each student has a different motivation, which is why, through a basic programmatic structure, the classes generate adaptation towards which elements of audio production the student expand their knowledge. The class is taught in English, so it is requested that the students who participate in it have at least an intermediate knowledge of the language.
Learning Spanish is vital for a globalized world in which Latin culture has gained more space in modern applications: business, culture, science and social media, among many others. Mastering skills to communicate in Spanish properly requires tools from an experienced professional in communications, journalism, marketing, creative writing and social media. This class presents the concept of Spanish in a friendly, creative and structured method within everyone's reach: from young and adult beginners, until advanced students in need of fluid dialogue practicing to gain knowledge of daily language - formal and slang - from the different regions of Ibero-America that enrich and make the Spanish language so vast. The program in which this method is structured, aims to constant practice with conversation, reading, music listening, creative writing and traditional games exercise, to make learning fun and easy.

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