I have a degree in Biology, with a master's degree in Biotechnology and experience working in molecular biology laboratories both in Spain and in the United Kingdom, as well as having experience as a science teacher. I offer support classes for Baccalaureate or University students in relation to the subject of Biotechnology (Biotechnological Techniques, Transgenesis, Genome Editing, etc.) I rely on material made by me in addition to adapting to the rhythm of the student to achieve their progress.
I am a science teacher, in possession of the Master of Teaching Staff of Secondary and Compulsory Education and Baccalaureate, and I offer support and individualized monitoring of the student in the performance of tasks and duties as well as in the preparation of exams. My goal is to reinforce the work done in class without overloading and to get the student to advance. I provide didactic material as support in addition to adjusting to that provided by the school. I also give reinforcement tasks if necessary and periodic feedback on progress.

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