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    Trusted teacher
    Want to communicate clearly with perfect pronunciation? I'm here to help you focus on your English skills, to both advance and enjoy your learning process, and the same to prepare you to speak confidently. I am an experienced teacher that has been teaching English in 4 countries for about 3 years and have worked with both young children and adults of all ages. Any speech you might need to make, from a business presentation to a personal introduction in front of new classmates, requires more than just the spoken words, so we will work on that too, besides grammar, listening and reading parts.
    I have a master degree in Journalism and I adore languages. I offer conversational classes in a variety of levels and formats as well as many flexible-scheduling options. I focus the classes on general skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing trying to give to the students a good foundation in lexis (vocabulary), syntax (grammar), phonology (pronunciation and intonation), semantics (meaning), and pragmatics (language in context).
    We will work in the area of oral expression, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension while enriching your cultural knowledge. My courses are personalized: I adapt to the needs and the specific demand of each student. I work with various tools: Spanish language textbooks, literary texts, workbooks, internet videos, newspaper articles, songs, etc.
    We can review the courses together, the texts and the working methods. I adapt my methods depending on the student, who explains to me what he wants to work on, and then I organize the individual course according to his expectations. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
    I am a native speaker. The materials I use for my classes are numerous: textbooks, exercise books, literary works, press articles, audios, and videos. I also work with the supports of my pupils, if necessary (for children needing help with homework especially). My schedule is flexible and done according to my students. I also encourage small groups of 2-3 students, so do not hesitate to find one-two friends interested in the same courses as you, to get a lower rate!

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