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Highschool geography for students currently doing GCSEs.I currently study applied earth sciences at TU Delft so I have a strong knowledge on the subject .I did 8 International GCSES and received 7 a*s and one A.Geography has always sparked my interest because it’s something so useful to understand in our modern world
Geology is a subject I love so much and I even study it in university.I have experience tutoring geology for 1 year, and I even gained experience in tutoring geologic mapping and mineralogy. I have experience in doing fieldwork too so I have a great grasp of this subject.I am also currently mapping a 54 km^2 area in the South of France.I am happy to teach geology and can cover many topics such as : Layers of the Earth Folding and Faulting Volcanoes, Earthquakes Sedimentary rocks Parts of a coast Rivers, meanders, Oxbow lakes Types of carbonates Geological History of the world
I am willing to tutor high school or even younger students of all kinds that require help with any math or physics :) This includes basic addition /subtraction to percentages, decimals, and fractions. My strong points are high school mathematics and that included subjects like algebra, calculus etc.
I teach high school/primary or middle school physics to students of all ages.I have done my International GCSEs and received an A* in physics as well as an A* in my A levels. Physics is one of my strongest subjects as it is incredibly useful in understanding how the world around me functions.I ensure that my students develop a healthy relationship with the subject and work on building their confidence in the process. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact me or book a lesson :) I am happy to teach many topics including : Electricity and magnetism Mechanics Forces, and moments Waves and wave equations
I am open to teaching chemistry of all levels to high school students.I have done a British curriculum and obtained an A*( maximum grade obtainable) and so I have a strong understanding of chemistry and I am open to helping students currently struggling with it! :). I have also tutored this subject for 2 years now, and I am more than happy to help. I cover topics such as : Organic chemistry Physical Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Elements of the Periodic table Chemical Equilibria Redox reactions Bonding and structures Moles, and amount of substance Geological Chemistry

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