This is the continuation of the beginners course and leads to A2 + level. The course starts with a short review of the material from the beginners course and then continues with the more complex grammar. Topics that are discussed here include: the weather, the little words, safari, narrative, writing letters and topics related to your own destination. Speaking skills and writing skills become more important in these lessons. For example, it is expected that you can give a small presentation, and you will be challenged to do the emails to the teacher as much as possible in Swahili.
Swahili is spoken in Kenya and Tanzania. It is the most widely spoken Bantu language in Africa. In my A1 course I take you from zero to A1 level. In the beginning it will be a bit awkward, with small sentences, but at the end of the course you will be able to have simple conversations, such as buying fruit or booking a room. Knowledge and facts alternate in this course. We cover vocabulary and grammar of the language. The pronunciation will also be discussed, and we will practice small conversations. Topics covered include: - greetings and introduce yourself; - Various groups of nouns; - Count; - Sentence structure; - Present, past and future tense; - Direct object and indirect object; - Ask for directions; shopping at the market.
I have been giving Swahili lessons since 2004. Both beginners and average speakers. Although private lessons are always adapted to your own learning needs, I try to combine both grammar and conversation skills in the lessons. In addition, culture also comes up for discussion, because in my opinion it is inextricably linked to language.
Swahili is the language spoken in Kenya and Tanzania. In this course I will teach you both the language and the culture of these countries. To reach A1 level I will teach you the basic grammer. We will include dialogs as introducing yourself; buying fruits on the market, asking for directions. To reach A2 level I will teach you more in dept grammer. Dialoges included are talking about weather, work and hollidays. To reach B1 level we will continue with more complex grammer. And you will be asked to perform presentations on different subjects.

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Super eerste kennismaking! Motiverend en enthousiast; aansluitend op niveau en wensen van student.
Vorige week mijn eerste Swahili les gehad, docent Cynthia is zeker een aanrader. Ik heb het als zeer prettig ervaren. Goed lesmateriaal en zeker wat ze je toestuurt per mail de oefeningen en als cadeau muziek tussen door.

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