The course is personalized according to the learner's objectives. Whether it is in order to improve one's knowledge and skills, to take an exam for example to enter a school, or to prepare for a job interview or simply for use at work, the idea is that the content is tailored to the needs of the individual and focuses on the essentials to be as effective as possible. It can be a course focused on conversation, pronunciation or writing. Or all of that! The class is designed according to the learner's objectives. Should it aim at improving your knowledge and skills, passing an exam, trying to get into a particular school, or at preparing for a job interview or simply for the daily use at work, the class will be tailored to meet your needs, as efficiently is possible. We can focus on speaking, listening or writing. Or all of these skills!
Are you stressed out ? Feeling depleted ? Stiff ? Then yoga is one way to learn to understand how you function, how body functions and then find the best way to help you and your body. That you are looking for private or collective classes, hopefully, I can do something for you ! Êtes-vous stressé-e ? Vous vous sentez raplapla ? Raide ? Alors le yoga est un des outils pour comprendre comment vous fonctionnez et comment votre corps fonctionne pour ensuite trouver la manière de vous aider vous et votre corps. Que vous recherchiez des cours privés ou collectifs, peut-être puis-je faire quelque chose pour vous ?

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We had a quite unpleasant experience with Corinne on the payment. We paid 5 sessions and said maybe we will continue after those 5 sessions, we did our 5 sessions, in the end we decided to not continue because 2 of us in the group were too busy from work. We informed her a bit late (about 20 hours before the time that we normally meet) and she chased us that we have to pay her the entire amount because we “cancelled less than 24 hours”, however we never confirmed with her that we will continue, and never agreed on anything as such “late cancellation fee” We told her we are sorry but she kept sending us messages that we are not doing it “correctly”, as if we are horrible people. In the end I paid my part just so that she can leave me alone. But to be honest I am quite shocked from this behavior. Teaching wise she is quite ok, but this experience has really ruined any sort of good impression on her.
Très bien, prof avec expérience de l'enseignement
Very friendly and helpful!
Very nice personality and very patient with kids.

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