I am a recently retired university professor. I have supervised and corrected dozens of dissertations in my career and therefore, you can count on me to support you effectively. I offer you different possibilities: - proofreading of your written work without substantive correction - follow-up: work on content and form - preparation for presentation / oral defense: stress management, public speaking All of this can easily be done online in French or English. See you soon!
Preparation for university entrance tests. Sight translation. Practice of the consecutive and the simultaneous Master 1 and Master 2 on the basis of authentic or didactic speeches according to the levels. Initiation to or reinforcement of note taking: deverbalisation, symbols, abbreviation, practice of economics. Work on active listening, discourse analysis, synthesis spirit, expression in French or in language B. We can also work on your voice, stress management, posture or breathing, for example.
French pronunciation is a real challenge. The verbo tonal method, often used by speech therapists, is particularly suitable for correcting French pronunciation for those of you who are not French speakers but also for French speakers who wish to get rid of an accent. We will work on the sounds of the language integrated into the sentence, the rhythm, the intonation and considered as a living and evolving system. This method is very effective. You will see your progress very quickly and your self-confidence will allow you to overcome any reluctance you may have had before to express yourself in public. For others, having a more neutral pronunciation in French can be a significant asset professionally.
Managing stress, controlling your voice when you have to speak in public (in a conference, webcast or webinar), offering clear and well-structured information, these can represent famous challenges, especially today when it is necessary do this online. To achieve your goals, I offer you a holistic approach to public speaking because, to convey a message, form and content are intimately linked. After a few sessions, you will feel more confident, more convincing. Your interlocutors will be more attentive to the information you want to transmit. Your voice will stay clear longer. Through stress management, you will feel a great boost of energy and concentration. Regarding the form, we will work in particular, the posture, the breathing, the modulation of the voice, the volume, the height, the intonation, and also the eye contact, the gestures, the pauses, in short, what one calls the "non-verbal". We will also see the elements that take precedence during a presentation or an exchange on the Internet. And, if it helps, we'll see the different ways to handle your stress. We will establish your profile to choose the tools that suit you best. Finally, if you have short deadlines (or not), you can put yourself in situation and, for example, prepare an interview, a presentation, a conference or a meeting. We will make simulations that will allow you to be in full possession of your means and the content of your intervention.
I have facilitated workshops and given classes throughout my career all over the world. English pronunciation is essential these days because English is spoken everywhere and all the time. I followed specialized training such as the verb tonal method, Feldenkrais or mental coaching. We are therefore going to work in a slightly different way by combining articulatory techniques, movement, rhythm, intonation, warming up of the jaw and tongue, stretching of the neck, neck and shoulders to arrive to very fast results.

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Corinne is a great trainer! She addressed my needs in a very comprehensive way!
J'ai contacté Corinne en last minute pour une présentation professionnelle. Corinne m'a aidée au pied levé pour revoir le slide-deck de ma présentation, m'aider à ce que mon expression orale soit fluide, améliorer mon accent, et me donner des tips pour ma gestuelle ainsi que la gestion du stress. Je n'aurais pu rêver mieux ! Ca m'a été super utile. Ca faisait plaisir de travailler avec une personne aussi impliquée. Corinne m'a également fait des vocaux avec mon texte afin de me permettre de mieux répéter entre les 2 cours. Merci pour tout !
Corinne est une professeur d'anglais exceptionnelle. Ses cours m'ont permis de mener à bien ma préparation pour réussir les concours post classe préparatoire des écoles de management française. Sans elle, je n'aurais pas réussi à intégrer une école du top5 avec de très bonnes notes d'anglais. Outre son professionnalisme qui lui a permis de s'adapter à mes objectifs — à savoir la prononciation —, Corinne m'a donné des conseils essentiels pour réussir les épreuves orales en utilisant des méthodes liées à l'art oratoire. Si vous êtes à la recherche d'une professeur d'anglais, je n'ai qu'un conseil à vous donner : sautez le pas en contactant Corinne ! Elle sera à même de répondre à vos besoins et de même vous réconcilier avec l'apprentissage de cette langue !
Amazing coach, great person! I just love our lessons and results =)
Excellent teacher. Very knowledgable and willing to adapt classes to the student's liking.

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