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You are a manager/entrepreneur and you want: - communicate effectively, make yourself understood and get what you want from your interlocutors (family, collaborators, customers/prospects)? - give a speech brilliantly, during a company meeting, in front of a dozen or even a hundred colleagues? - give a professional presentation, and animate a debate? - better manage your team: recruit, delegate successfully, manage your team - succeed in a new position: manage your time, manage stress, communicate effectively You are with the right person. Why me ? I am a certified coach (nlp and coaching) and trainer, I have 10+ experience of multinational companies
Learn the guitar in safe and easy steps. I have the necessary training and experience with both children and adults. My modern and practical teaching method goes to the essentials from the first lessons. Music theory and theory are optional, but recommended for those who want to go beyond playing simple chords of pop songs. Afterwards, I adapt to your objective. Which is for sure, we will have fun while learning. Besides, that's why I do this job. My specialty is classical, but I touch on various styles, except electric. Lessons for all ages (from 5 years old), from beginner to advanced. I speak French, English, Spanish and German.
Hello, You want to learn yoga to maintain your body, awaken your daily energy, improve your ability to concentrate and reap all the benefits. I have been a yoga teacher since 2009, and a certified mindfulness meditation coach. I help and accompany you gradually towards your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I mainly teach Hatha yoga. You have the choice between a group lesson (more economical and in a group of homogeneous level) or a private lesson online or at home, for those who want an individual follow-up. Book your first session, and judge for yourself the quality of my course. Namaste,
You want : - Maintain your physical condition, and strengthen your muscles - lose weight/fat, - Strengthen the abs-Thighs and glutes area - sculpt your body, and have a beautiful silhouette - get you back in shape after childbirth, - nutrition advice for a diet adapted to your goal Certified sports coach (fitness coaching + dport science/Boulder University (USA)). I put my 10+ years of experience at your service, and accompany you towards your goal, with science and method. Specialties: fitness/physical condition, Pilates (focuses on the abs and glutes area) and yoga. Options: Lessons at home, or outdoors, private or small group.
I have a methodology to learn "well" and "fast", "if" you do your part of the job. And this is the specificity of my teaching: • you will speak and practice the language from the first lesson, and • you will learn intelligently and certainly faster than with another teacher. • My pedagogy is already confirmed, through my 10 years of teaching in language centers including the Ecole club Migros/Switzerland and in Morocco. I have taught adults as well as children and teens, of different nationalities. I am also a coach, hence my ability to coach you on your learning methodology. Each individual is unique in their skills, goals and learning experience, hence my course is individually tailored to your personal learning style and you can improve yourself over time. And above all, I want you to be comfortable in my class, and that we have fun. I use various educational tools, so that the learning experience is rich and complete. Options/formulas: - online/webcam lessons, in small groups of 2 to 4 people (the cost mentioned corresponds to this offer (time flexibility, + access to my audiovisual resources, + your student link for personal work and tests). is the best value for money. - face-to-face lessons in small groups (4 people max.) at the centre, - private lesson at your place (compensation + travel expenses per km). My motto: 100% satisfied. It's your right.

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J’ai bien aimé le cours. Bonne pédagogie

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