In this 1-1 class you will learn how to use oil paint and make fabulous artworks! Whether you are a beginner or if you already have much experience with painting, it doesn't matter. I can teach you everything about ART: colors, values, composition, and of course ... how to practically use oil paints and brushes in a safe manner. If you want to learn how to draw (better), that is also something I can show and explain. I specialize in two styles: impressionism and fauvism, and love to do landscapes and still lives. But I can also show you how a classical portrait painting can be done, for example in the grand style of William Bouguereau. I got my education from the Classical Academy of Painting (Groningen, NL) as well as the hogeschool for art in Amsterdam. Hope to meet you soon in Haarlem! Christiaan
If you learn piano that is something you and your whole family and friends will enjoy, for many years to come. You will learn how to read notes, play from music, use both hands at the same time and eventually be able to play a variety of musical styles. Playing piano is something you do with your mind, heart and soul and it is a true art! It is not easy but it is also not impossible. Very soon you will be playing nice songs, and if you practice a lot you will notice you can soon play pieces that are more and more beautiful. Depending on the level of the student we will select the appropriate study material. Also learning how to read music notation and playing in tempo will be part of the lesson. For intermediate students more focus will be for example on articulation of melody, dynamics, phrasing and how to play in a classical or popular style. I am now 38, I have been studying piano since I was 8 and later on also keyboard. I started out like anyone with the most basic pieces, getting lessons here and there from a friend of my mother. Later on piano teacher Sherry van Baaren visited our house for many years, teaching me the basic piano repertoire. As well as several other teachers. When I moved to Enschede I studied with Russian pianist Michail Markov on the correct interpretation of classical music, such as Mozart sonatas and other more romantic pieces. At the moment I play in my own band and also compose pieces. For my work I am a teacher at an international primary school in the Netherlands so I am used to working with children ages 3-12. Four is the minimum age for piano. But of course adults who want to learn piano are very welcome as well! The times you see in the calendar is my vacation schedule starting from the 1st of Aug. Looking forward to seeing you soon! Kind regards, Christiaan.

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