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    Trusted teacher
    Having followed a university course at the Faculty of Letters "Le Mirail" ("Letters and foreign civilizations"), I offer French lessons, whether in preparation for exams (school), for learning the language in 2nd language (FLE), or in course for adults, favoring a clear expression, and a writing quality. Trainer at the Teaching League, I am used to supporting all audiences, and my pedagogy is based on the needs and expectations of the student, to help him overcome his difficulties in stages, without forgetting the essential dimension of pleasure to read and write.
    Having followed a university course until the License of English ("Letters and Foreign Civilizations"), and stayed in the United States, I offer English lessons, from primary level to high school, in preparation for exams; or as adults, starting to learn the language. Trainer at the Teaching League and educator, my pedagogy is that of starting from the needs and expectations of the student by accompanying him to overcome his difficulties, one by one, without stress.English is fun, suddenly, I favor also a playful approach, without forgetting the conviviality.
    Holder of the State Diploma of Youth, Popular Education and Sport, I offer yoga initiation sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to provide the student with basic postures, with some sequences and positions promoting flexibility, energy, and emotional well-being. I wrote a professional dissertation as an educator on psychomotricity, and am very attentive, in my pedagogy, to the needs and expectations of the people I raise awareness through these interventions (fatigue, handicap, overweight ...). being to start from the starting reality of the person to allow him to become autonomous, and to practice by himself thereafter.

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