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After doing my studies in Spain, I missed the methodology a lot, so in Paris I focused on the assimilation of the methodology whether it was the dissertation, the stop commentary (and comparative commentary) and practical case . In addition, today in M1 of European comparative law, I acquired a very theoretical approach to law. The teaching that I give can be adapted to French students as well as to foreign students.
At the age of 16 I did a school exchange with Lincoln Park High School of Chicago. I loved learning in English and getting to know a world so different from mine. While I was in an elite Parisian high school, I chose to specialize in English literature at the baccalaureate, for which I obtained a mark of 19/20. Recently, I passed my TOEFL and obtained the C1 level. Very rigorous in French grammar I am also rigorous when it comes to English. Don't worry, I will never be there to judge you but only to help you progress. It is a pleasure for me to speak English and I am sure you will feel it.
In this class, there is no pressure. You can be a foreigner, or a student in primary, middle or high school, I am the right teacher. I learned to read and write at the age of 5 while living in Spain. Indeed, after having studied in the literary section in a large French high school: Lycée Louis-le-Grand, I passed the Concours général de français, then I joined a selective diploma in French law and Spanish law. I am passionate about languages, and French is for me a great tool not only for communication but for meetings. Having had a very good mention in the Baccalaureate and having continued my studies in the legal sphere, I had to perfect a certain level in dissertation, commentary or simply writing. Spelling has a central interest in these different trainings and I think for all these reasons I am the teacher you are looking for!
After living in Spain from the age of 6, I fell in love with Spain so it will be with the greatest pleasure that I will teach you my passion. In high school, I was chosen to take part in the General Spanish Competition. At the time of my post-baccalaureate studies I decided to leave at the age of 18 to Madrid for two years. At that moment, I became totally bilingual in Spanish, I felt really Spanish and lost all my French accent, almost forgetting my French. I therefore hope through these courses to give you the desire I had to make my life in Spain knowing that you can be sure that I will never judge you since, like you, I had to learn Spanish and assimilated it over time.
Since my return to an elite Parisian high school at the age of 15, I have given courses in French for advanced homework and methodology and courses for beginners in ancient Greek to a student from the Collège Henri IV. Subsequently, while studying in Spain, I loved giving French lessons to Spanish children from French schools, again at college level. Last year I gave lessons via the Etude Alpha application in a number of private establishments in the Paris region.

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Charlie est une personne très gentille, attentionnée et soucieuse des besoins de ses élèves. Je recommande fortement!

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